Location - Satellite Town. Rawalpindi

Job Description

Perform according to client’s requirements , well aware of project progress

Have ability to sort out issues and disputes, smart to control business meetings

Leads team work efficiently, have keen knowledge about every corner of IT

  • Give air to friendly work environment, develop healthy relation with clients

Develop progressive environment to convert imagination into reality

  • Active about project progress, discover new plans and resources

Efficiently handles product complain and proceed to development and recovery.

  • Cover details about expected results with reviews

Plans complete projects and divide it into small sections through specific resources, to get optimum results of projects



Ability to persuade with decision making power, excellent leadership skills

Cover up projects in precise budget with skills and experience

3-4 years experience required

Well experience about management practically as well as theoretically.

Handsome enough to deliver work on needed time

Manners to manage people , work strategies.

Brilliantly manage team management .

Confidently proves risky decisions well taken

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